4 Key Recruitment Trends in 2018 Every Employer Needs to Know

During the previous year, the key recruitment trend was the use of automation technologies. There are Artificial Intelligence tools that are available to help facilitate the hiring process faster and efficiently.

The question this year is whether this trend will still continue or change. Here are some of the trends this 2018 in the field of recruitment.

1. Increasing Volume of Applicants

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase of recruitment volume. In fact, a survey conducted by Indeed showed that 61% of individuals conducting recruitment expect an increase in the hiring volume this 2018.

The large volume of recruitment requirements is due to a currently stable economy. With this, most employers are demanding for new talents to aid in supporting the growth of their business.

Increasing the amount of headcount requirements entail a busier year for recruitment teams. With this, it is essential to find service provides that can address your company’s pain points in recruitment. The service providers can alleviate the struggles that business owners might encounter when increasing

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