Why Outsourcing Is The Key To Customer Service

If there’s one thing eager entrepreneurs should learn from experienced business owners, it’s the importance of fantastic service. No company can succeed without actively fostering a positive relationship with its clients. But as important as providing excellent service can be, many businesses struggle to get the job done. With limited staff and an overworked management, companies find it difficult to give service the attention it deserves.

Luckily, modern technology makes it easier than ever before to provide great service on a budget. The key is to harness the power of recent innovations and take advantage of remote workers. By outsourcing this integral part of your business, you can offer clients the kind of service that will grow your customer base and boost your profitability. Whether you’re investing in a startup or giving your older enterprise a shakeup, reimagining your service model could be the portal to future success.

Why Customer Service Is So Important

In the world of sales, offering a decent product or service is only half the battle. Customers expect you to treat them a certain way throughout their relationship with your company. They want you to answer their questions in a timely fashion and provide assistance that adds value to your products. If you fall short of these expectations, the repercussions will prove devastating. Here’s why service is such a crucial aspect of any sales-oriented enterprise.

Maintain Your Business’s Reputation

No amount of marketing will offset a poor reputation. These days, the internet makes it easier than ever before for disgruntled customers to share an unsatisfactory experience with your company. As the bad reviews pile up and the local community whispers about your subpar service, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to attract new patrons. By providing excellent service, you’ll get people talking about your company for all the right reasons. This will serve as a covert marketing scheme with customers convincing their friends and family to give your products a shot.

Develop A Loyal Customer Base

It’s cheaper and easier to keep hold of your current customers than it is to go out and find new ones. That’s why it always makes sense to invest in satisfying your existing customer base. Efficient and friendly service will turn one-time customers into long-term supporters of your brand. These loyal fans will form the backbone of your customer base for decades, carrying your company through tough times and ensuring a steady flow of revenue.

What Outsourcing Service Entails

Since customer service is so vital, you can’t afford to let it stagnate in mediocrity or worse. If your service isn’t as good as it should be, you need to make improvements immediately. Shifting jobs to remote workers has become a significant trend because it is the quickest and cheapest way to overhaul an entire service department and increase productivity.

If you’re not familiar with virtual work, you might not understand the ins and outs of such an innovation. In essence, you’ll take your service operations out of the office and reassign them to distant contractors working around the world. With modern technology granting such remarkable interconnectivity, your long-distance operations could be based anywhere. This same interconnectivity will allow virtual workers to communicate effectively with customers right in your own community.

While every company has its own methodology, this is what a switch to outsourced service typically includes.

Telephone Calls

While the internet has revolutionized company-customer relationships, old-fashioned phone calls are still important for providing quality service. Checking in on a customer after a purchase can make the person feel valued by the company. It’s also important to have a phone number that customers can call when they have questions. Making and taking these calls is the type of work your in-house staff might not have time for. That’s why a remote call center can be such a valuable asset. Workers in a distant location will have no trouble forging lasting relationships over the phone.

Live Chat Features

These days, consumers have become accustomed to greater levels of convenience. Looking up a phone number and making a call, once standard practice, can now seem a hassle. That’s why customers will appreciate being about to contact your company right on their web browser. If your website includes a live chat feature, you’ll be able to answer simple questions and give advice through typed messages in real time. Since it’s easy to manage a live chat remotely, this is a perfect feature for companies that outsource their service.

Service Via Email

While instant messaging has certainly increased in popularity, email remains a common method of digital communication. Email is great for sending newsletters and alerting loyal customers about any new deals. Your long-distance workers should have no trouble managing this aspect of your service from afar.

Service Through Social Media

These days, many young people use social networks more than any other digital platform. They might not check their email every day, but they’re sure to scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can take advantage of their constant presence on these sites by making your remote support team available on a variety of platforms.

Benefits Of Changing Your Service Model

There’s a reason so many entrepreneurs have decided to outsource their service work. Both your customers and your bottom line will be better off after you’ve made the switch. Here are the three principal benefits of adopting such a scheme.

Cut Costs

Providing stellar service to your customers requires a significant expenditure of time and energy. No matter how well your service department is organized, a certain amount of labor is required to get the job done properly. You’ll need to pay workers to take calls, create newsletters, and answer emails. If local, in-house employees are in charge of all these service-related tasks, your budget could go through the roof as you attempt to pay their wages. You might as well hire or contract someone in a distant location who is able to work for less. By committing to outsourced workers, you’ll be able to provide better service at a lower cost.

Improve The Quality Of Your Business’s Service

When in-person workers are concerned with sales, marketing, and inventory, it can be hard to give service the attention it deserves. A remote support team will be able to focus all its attention on service, its area of expertise. Having workers entirely devoted to this particular area will help improve the quality of the service. Long-distance agents can answer calls and respond to emails faster. They can identify trends in the types of questions that are asked and develop well-formed, easily digestible answers.

Improve Efficiency And Productivity

Not only do virtual workers provide fantastic service at a lower cost to your company, but they also do it more efficiently. While some agents will work together at call centers, others will operate from a home office. Numerous studies have shown that, contrary to what many managers believe, working at home actually increases efficiency. It seems the comfort and flexibility of a domestic environment makes up for the lack of structure. Your office staff might also become more productive once the service jobs have been outsourced. Without having to worry about customers’ calls and emails, they’ll be able to focus on their principal jobs. When everyone from management to sales is better able to focus on the tasks they specialize in, the entire company operates more smoothly.

How To Outsource Your Company’s Service

While there’s no doubt that switching to an outsourced team is the key to providing excellent service in the digital age, making the necessary changes can be a difficult project for people who have never done it before. Whether you’re just launching your first startup or entering your fifth decade as a successful entrepreneur, you probably lack a detailed knowledge of how remote support can be arranged. Rather than stumbling your way through a haphazard process, you should consider hiring a reputable outside company to oversee the changes.

ValuedHR has been assisting business owners for years. With untold experience and an incomparable understanding of how outsourcing works, ValuedHR is uniquely placed to guide you through the necessary changes to your service department. From matching you with contractors to setting up a remote call center, they can provide the breadth and depth of support that will make your project a success. You can start the process by scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with a company representative. During the conversation, you’ll learn exactly how ValuedHR can provide you with the type of service your customers deserve.

Remote customer service isn’t some short-term trend. It’s a paradigm-changing innovation that provides wonderful opportunities to startups and established businesses alike. To cut costs, boost productivity, and give your clients the service they value, schedule your consultation today.

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