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The last few years have opened our eyes to the importance of having a workforce that is both flexible and mobile. For all sizes of businesses across many industries, it is essential that businesses continue to deliver exceptional customer service regardless of other events that may be impacting the communities served. At ValuedHR, we offer our valued clients a turnkey solution for filling a variety of remote customer service and administrative positions. As your trusted remote staffing agency, we know that everything from the knowledgebase of your call center reps to the friendliness of your customer service agents will directly affect your brand’s image and your customers’ satisfaction. We proudly offer exceptional staffing solutions for these and other types of remote positions that will add true value to your operations.


The Exceptional Benefits of Outsourcing

While building an amazing team is essential for success across all industries, most aspects of the modern recruiting process drain businesses of valuable resources. Everything from crafting the perfect job description to screening resumes and scheduling interviews can consume a significant portion of your time or your HR team’s time. Hiring individuals for a remote team can be even more complicated because you need to find trustworthy, qualified individuals who thrive in a more independent role. By outsourcing this important task to our recruiting team, you can take a hands-off approach to an essential process that otherwise could have been a stressful headache for you. At the same time, you will benefit from getting the right workers in all of your remote positions without delay. Through our HR recruiting services, we will actively support your company’s operational needs as well as its growth.


A Modern Workforce Solution

The days of needing to have your full team of employees under one roof have passed. Recent events have reinforced the fact that many workers thrive in a remote environment and that many tasks can be completed remotely without impacting quality. In fact, remote workers may actually be more productive and more satisfied. At the same time, businesses can continue to function efficiently, and they can even reduce overhead when they take advantage of remote workforce solutions. At ValuedHR, we facilitate your company’s success and growth by supporting your development of a remote workforce. Whether you are hiring one virtual assistant or a full team for your new remote call center, you will love how easy we make it to fill your positions with the right individuals for the job. We want to help you take advantage of the many benefits of having one or more remote workers on your team. You can count on us to handle all of the legwork so that you can enjoy those benefits without the hassles.


The Friendly, Supportive Service Your Customers Expect

Regardless of your company’s size and the industry that you work in, a hallmark element of its success is rooted firmly in the customer experience that you deliver. This experience can begin when new and established customers or clients receive service online through live chat support. Additional experiences with your telemarketing team, your remote call center team and your appointment setting reps can also impact the overall customer experience that your company provides. We take pride in connecting our clients with well-qualified individuals who thrive in a remote work environment and who will properly represent the brand. We can also help with your other remote staffing needs, such as for a virtual assistant, a social media marketing associate and more.


Staffing Solutions for All Sizes of Businesses

While most staffing agencies are happy to work for all sizes of businesses, their policies and pricing may be prohibitive for smaller businesses. We focus on helping our clients grow their business, and this includes meeting staffing needs for our clients from the ground up. Are you ready to hire your first part-time or full-time employee for your startup? Do you need to expand your existing team to meet demand, or do you want to migrate away from an on-site workforce to a remote workforce? All aspects of our services are well-suited for both smaller and larger businesses. You will never feel constrained by minimums or other aspects of our policies and services. Are you wondering if we are the right remote staffing agency for your business? Through a no-obligation consultation with our team, you can make that decision with a high level of confidence.


Our Diverse Pool of Talented Professionals

When you outsource your HR recruiting tasks to ValuedHR, you are doing more than hiring a headhunter to take a time-consuming task off of your hands. You are tapping into our large and diversified pool of qualified professionals to save time, reduce stress and more easily find the right individuals for your needs. Our clients expect great things from their employees, so we expect great things from our talent. We maintain an intensive screening process so that we can identify the quality candidates who our clients would love to have join their team. Whether you need to hire a virtual assistant for your startup, you want to establish a live chat support team or you have other needs for remote workers, we will diligently identify qualified individuals from our pool of vetted candidates. By doing so, we take the hassle out of the hiring process while also connecting you with great candidates who could be truly excellent additions to your team.


Our Focus on Building Your Winning Team

Our effort to maintain a qualified, vetted pool of professionals is only one of many steps that we take to help our clients build a remote workforce through a streamlined experience. We understand the need for your remote team members to add true value to your business through their hard work and through the application of their professional skills. As part of our commitment to help you build a winning team, we will take time to thoroughly understand your needs and requirements for each open position. Through our solid understanding of your unique needs for each position, we can identify the top individuals in our pool who meet your high expectations.


The Difference We Will Make

Because of the critical importance of satisfying all of your remote staffing needs with dependable, experienced professionals who are the right match for your professional environment, we consistently begin serving our clients’ needs with a no-obligation consultation. At that time, we will assess your needs and expectations fully, and we will tell you how our HR services can help you to accomplish your goals. Because our services are available to you without minimums, our solutions are well-suited for both established and startup businesses. If you need one remote worker or you need to assemble a full team of qualified, experienced professionals for a new department, we will help you to build up your team with the right workers. We can even have trained backups waiting in the wings to accommodate absences and to buffer the impact of turnover. We cover all of the bases related to your remote staffing needs so that you can concentrate on running and growing your business with the full support of a qualified team of professionals.


Our Risk-Free Staffing Solution

If you reach out to other remote staffing agencies, you may discover that many of them will lock you into a contract. Regardless of how well they perform and the quality of candidates they send your way, you will be contractually obligated to continue working with them. At ValuedHR, we take a different approach that is better for our clients. We want you to be completely satisfied with your remote team and with your experience with our recruiting agency, so we will never ask you to sign a long-term contract. Our clients continue to work with our staffing agency because of the exceptional quality of talent that we send their way and because of our intense focus on client satisfaction. Our success is rooted in our ability to satisfy your expectations and needs. You can begin appreciating the superior, performance-based approach that we take to meet our clients’ staffing needs as soon as you contact us to learn more about our remote staffing services.


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Our hardworking and attentive team at ValuedHR is honored that you have chosen us as your preferred remote staffing agency. From your first experience with our team and over the course of a productive relationship, we will take the hassle out of identifying remote workers to fill your positions for appointment setting, live chat support, social media marketing and more. Are you eager to learn more about our staffing solutions and to get a no-obligation quote from us? Your next step should be to contact ValuedHR today for a consultation. You are also invited to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about special offers and pricing.

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Virtual Assistants

Do you need the administrative support of a dedicated professional with a specific set of skills? Whether you need help for a few hours per week or your needs are more significant, we have a pool of talented professionals who are ready to work for you. We can also arrange backup support so that someone is always waiting in the wings to help out as needed.

Social Media Marketing Pros

Mastering social media marketing is essential for success in an extensive range of industries, but keeping up with a social media marketing plan on a regular basis can be a challenge. Our social media marketing pros can follow any plan that you create. Regardless of the social media platforms that you use and the frequency of your planned posts, we can make it happen.

Live Chat Support Reps

Live chat support provides your new and established customers with an easy way to get their questions answered and to resolve their issues. Because it negates the need for the customer to call your company or to wait for an email response, live chat support elevates the customer experience that your business provides. Our experienced live chat representatives are happy to serve your customers’ varied needs online.

Customer Service Associates

The efforts of customer service associates can directly affect online reviews, brand image, customer satisfaction, repeat customers and more. Our CEO, Michelle Mendez, has more than 25 years of customer service experience.We can manage all sizes of remote departments so that your customers’ needs are met to their satisfaction.

Remote Call Center Associates

Does your call center handle inbound or outbound calls? Regardless of the desired size of your call center and the functions that your associates must perform, we can help you to build a remote call center that meets all of your company’s needs.

Appointment Setting Agents

Is your sales department as busy as it could be? Skilled appointment setting agents can turn leads into scheduled appointments. Because of the extensive steps that we take to identify skilled professionals, our appointment setting agents will produce the results you need.

"Wonderful Operations and Support Experts!"

"Michelle is a wonderful operations and customer service expert! She brings a wide variety of experience from large to small operations and how best turn around the most difficult customer to one that is extremely satisfied. Michelle has been instrumental in helping us maintain a high standard in phone calls, emails and chats with customers. Michelle's expertise has allowed us re-evaluate our own internal processes on how we can better serve our customers. She's simply the best and would highly recommend!"
Michael McCurdy

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