Consultation & Strategy

Technology set up


Place Talents


Monitor & Control


Deliver Results


Phone Support

Friendly customer-centric specialists with neutral English accent focused on delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

Email & Chat Support

Promotes customer retention and provides satisfaction that leaves a positive impact to consumers.


Sales Experts who can lay down an elevator pitch deck and an effective sales presentation.

Appointment Setting

Highly skilled cold callers and appointment setters to generate warm leads for your business.

Administrative Tasks

General Virtual Assistant Services to support and offload the CEO's and Managers' responsibilities.


Manage your payroll, prepare financial statement, perform business taxation, and general bookkeeping.

Digital Marketing

With proven tactics to grow your audience, build your brand, generate leads and convert.

Content Marketing

Research, content planning, SEO, creative content writing, proofreading, content distribution, monitoring and improvement.

Social Media Management

Grow your social media follower based and build a strong relationship with your brand audience.

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Skin Aesthetics
Real Estate
Food & Beverage

Would you like to start a project with us?


Let’s connect and discuss your requirements in a meeting.

After learning your requirements and business opportunities, we’ll create a strategy written in a proposal format with a quotation and we’ll send it to you.

We will meet again for negotiations and alignment. After call, invoicing and down-payment processing.

We will have our Stakeholders kick-off meeting. We’ll set the tone for both teams and discuss our mode of communication and expectations.

We’ll plan, execute, monitor, and control the project or the account. We’ll keep you posted on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis regarding our progress.


"Wonderful Operations and Support Experts!"

"Michelle is a wonderful operations and customer service expert! She brings a wide variety of experience from large to small operations and how best turn around the most difficult customer to one that is extremely satisfied. Michelle has been instrumental in helping us maintain a high standard in phone calls, emails and chats with customers. Michelle's expertise has allowed us re-evaluate our own internal processes on how we can better serve our customers. She's simply the best and would highly recommend!"
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Is it urgent?

Feel free to give us a call. If we missed it, kindly leave us a voicemail and rest assured that one of us will get back to you within 24 hours.


Michelle Mendez is the founder and CEO of ValuedHR Business Services. Equipped with 2 decades of Customer Service experience and earned expertise in the digital arena, she built ValuedHR from the ground up and create a team composed of only talented people from all over the globe.

Yes. We are headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We work in a hybrid setup. Some people work at our HQ while the rest of the team is in a remote environment.

Yes. Feel free to submit a request for a quotation via our Contact Us page form, or schedule a meeting with us to discuss your requirements. Please ensure to provide us with detailed information about what you need, then we will get back to you with a proposal that includes a quotation.

We issue the proposal containing the quotation within 3 business days from the date when we fully gathered all of your requirements and when all of our questions were answered.

We accept Card payments and Transferwise. If you prefer other payment options like cryptocurrency, etc., feel free to discuss with us. 

We bill twice a month. Invoices are issued to all our clients every 10th and 25th of the month. Each Client is required to settle their invoice no later than the 15th and 30th of the month.

Yes. We have time tracking software that provides you with transparent reporting to allow you to see the productivity of the team. On top of that, you will be receiving performance reports.

Yes. Service agreement and Non-disclosure are enclosed in one contract. 

We have placed a couple of security protocols which include:

1. Non-disclosure agreement contract to each of our team members, prepared by our lawyer, with which, if breached, warrants damage collateral no matter from what country the team member belongs. Such collateral damage will be paid to our clients in the event of an information data leak.

2. We are using a technology that tracks down all activities on the computer of our team members.

3. We deployed a device monitoring system that auto-detects any attempt of opening tools that were not part of what we allowed to open during shift hours. This triggers a notification to one of our email addresses intended for security monitoring to alert us of the suspicious activity, and check the team member immediately.

4. We learned the laws that govern the country of our remote team members and understood how we will maneuver in the event of a violation of the laws regarding business operations and data protection. We have a lawyer contracted per country where we hired people from, who is in charge to manage the legal matters we need for our operations.

In a hurry? No worries. Just request us a callback.